• Atmospheric Water Generator for socially and environmentally responsible business and organisations.
  • Uses smart technology, unique / trade marked purification system, within a stainless steel construction to give a premium drinking water experience.
  • Smart user interface with personalised avatars encourages employees to maintain their water consumption to healthy levels.
  • Every glass certified to the highest EU water quality standards.
  • Hot and cold purified water on demand.
  • Optional* water mains back up in places of expected, but unpredictably high demand.


The Skywell® 5TE atmospheric water generator creates clean water from the air around us, reducing the use of pipes and plastics. Every drop of water is filtered, purified, tested and continuously monitored to ensure quality, clarity and flavour.

Change your business
To get the benefits of an agile, connected workforce, a smart business is vital. With the Skywell, you can reduce plastic waste, and make life easier for your employees, customers and visitors.

It’s a convenient, portable way to provide water. You can put the Skywell exactly where you want. From conference rooms, busy hallways to an event set-up you can provide fresh, clean water anywhere. Connect it to a power source and you’re ready to go....


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