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  • Central Administration
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Secure Print Release
  • User authentication using various methods
  • Username/Password, Card swipe, Employee ID and/or PIN
  • Ability to select shared accounts
  • Tracking & recording of all usage on the central PaperCut MF server
  • Group based access control
PaperCut MF


PaperCut MF extends the features of PaperCut NG using embedded software and hardware integration to provide full MFP control.
Today's multi-function devices (MFPs) and copiers are smarter. They have touch screens and the ability to run embedded software directly on the device itself. This new technology has allowed us to bring our popular print management software into the MFP space to track off-the-glass usage - copy, fax and scan.

Embedded Software
For printing PaperCut authenticates and tracks print jobs at the server layer before they pass to the MFP. To track off-the-glass device usage such as copying usage the authentication and tracking step needs to be done on the device itself. Where possible...

PaperCut MF - Sharp Embedded (Onboard) Application Tour

A point of view demonstration of the PaperCut MF embedded application on the Sharp MX26-10 by a member of the PaperCut team.The tour covers authentication methods, account selection, secure print release and PaperCut find me printing. For current updates on development and other news from the PaperCut team, follow us on twitter:!/PaperCutDevFor more information about copier control, print management and PaperCut MF visit:


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